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George Devine Award for Most Promising Playwright, 2003 & Arts Council England Writer's Award for Drama, 2003
The Ballad of Klook and Vinette, Horizon Theatre Company, Atlanta GA, January 19 - February 18, 2018
Klook is a drifter who’s gotten too old to drift. Vinette is on the run but she doesn’t know what’s chasing her. Together, they make a tentative stab at love and reach for hope until the past catches up to the future and smacks it in the face. Tough, tender, funny, poignant, The Ballad of Klook and Vinette will grab you from the inside out. Horizon kicks off its 2018 season with this love story set against poetry and jazz in its highly anticipated American premiere. Soulful music combined with a witty, moving story makes this a mesmerizing theater experience.

Book by Ché Walker • Music & Lyrics by Anoushka Lucas & Omar Lyefook
Directed by Ché Walker
Musical Direction by Christian Magby
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CUNNING WOMEN, a one act play by Ché Walker with Special Music Performance by Annabel (lee) at the Stella Adler Theater, Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, December 2017
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LIL’ BENNY selected for: Hollyshorts Film Festival 2016, 2016 Blow-Up Chicago International Arthouse Film Fest, Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival 2016, TriForce Short Film Festival 2016, DEFY Film Festival 2016, Nashville Film Festival 2016, NYC Independent Film Festival 2016, Uptown Short Film Festival Harlem, & Toronto Film Week 2016
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Klook is a drifter who's gotten too old to drift. Vinette is on the run but she doesn't know what's chasing her.

Together, they make a tentative stab at love and reach for hope until the past catches up to the future and smacks it in the face. Tough, tender, funny, poignant, Klook's Last Stand will grab you from the inside out. Soulful music combined with a witty, moving story makes this a mesmerizing theater experience.

Written and directed by Ché Walker with Lyrics by Ché Walker & Anoushka Lucas and Music by Anoushka Lucas and Omar Lyefook MBE.

Click here for 'something special' - The Telegraph
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The Lightning Child- in collaboration with Arthur Darvill- Shakespeare’s Globe 2013

The Lightning Child. The first contemporary Musical to appear on Shakespeare's Globe. A response to Euripides' The Bacchae' - blending several time zones and locations with the original story of Dionysis' terrible triumph over Lord Pentheus. Explored gender, addiction, misogyny, art and murderous envy with wit and verve and funky music.
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The Frontline at Shakespeare's Globe by Ché Walker

The Frontline. Made theatrical history - the first contemporary-set new play to be performed at Shakespeare's Globe since Merry Wives of Windsor. Set outside Camden Town and featuring a cast of 24 this anarchic play celebrated "The Desperate Invisibles" homeless people, bouncers, drag queens , gangsters, evangelists, strippers, white supremacists and hot-dog vendors grapple with questions of Identity, History, Politics, Faith-and Marmite.

The Frontline Online
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USA HBO star Reg E Cathey as The Reverend in The 8th

"Victim of an overdose or recipient of bullet Just the harvest of the finger or the wrist It's the needle or the trigger, the 8th could push or pull it As long as folk believe that he exists" One of Manchester's greatest songwriters Paul Heaton (the Beautiful South, the Housemartins), premieres an epic new pop song, the 8TH, in a thrilling live show. Joined onstage by his band and a host of special guests, Heaton transports you to a destitute neighbourhood where the seven deadly sins unfurl. From the seven an eighth is born - a new and thoroughly modern sin that imprisons all who cross its path. the 8th is a musical masterpiece entwined with a theatrical narrative by award-winning playwright Ché Walker (the Globe, Royal Court and Young Vic) and directed by Paines Plough's Joint Artistic Director George Perrin. the 8th will feature a cast of performers from across musical genres who all join Heaton in the Pavilion theatre for three very special performances.
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Lovesong - in collaboration with Omar Lyefook MBE- English Touring Theatre/ Edinburgh/ National UK tour

Oscar lives in the fast lane. He pays for sex and drugs. Something's missing. Brooding over what might have been, he reflects on his reckless lifestyle and is taken by surprise, finding love where he could never have expected
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Been So Long, The Musical - in collaboration with Arthur Darvill - Photo Tristram Kenton

Been So Long (The Play) Ché's debut play premiered at The Royal Court Theatre, starring Sophie Okonedo, and has been translated and performed world-wide. A comedy about falling in love.

Been So Long ( The Musical) Premiered at The Young Vic with a cast including UK Soul Legend Omar. An adaptation of Ché's first play, with music by Arthur Darvill.
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Fog at the Finborough Theatre - Directed by Ché Walker

Fog. Tash Fairbanks and Toby Wharton's blistering new play about an Iraq vet and his wayward, vulnerable son premiered at The Finborough Theatre and was revived for a National Tour and a run at the brand new Park Theatre. Ché directed the original production. Time Out Critic's Choice.
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His Greatness at the Finborough Theatre - Directed by Ché Walker

His Greatness by Daniel MacIvor- Canada's leading playwright- wrote a haunting, funny play based on Tennesee Williams' dying days. Ché directed the UK premier for the Finborough Theatre. Time Out Critic's Choice.
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Chewing Gum Dreams at the Bush Theatre - Directed by Ché Walker

Tracey Gordon, the 67 bus, friendship, sex, UK garage, school, music, teachers, friendship, periods, emergency contraceptive, arse and tits, friendship, raves, tampons, white boys, God, money. Friendship. Aaron, Candice, sex and Connor Jones. Chewing Gum Dreams is a one-woman play that recalls those last days of innocence before adulthood
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Crazy Love by Ché Walker

In Crazy Love, Billie's fallen for the worst possible man in the world. Cordelia knows it. Shiv knows it. But Billie won't listen because it feels so good. An urban love story. "He looks at me for just that fraction too long and when he drills those eyes on me I sprout fangs and a scream builds in my ribcage but still no sound."
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Flesh Wound

Vincent is always in trouble, this time with the infamous Calderazzos. His sister Deirdra stays out of danger in her flat high above the streets of London. His father, Joseph, is in the protection business, but that doesn't mean protecting his own son. Now the family needs help, it's down to Joseph.

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